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from 30.03.2021

Pinpoint decisions to redistribute powers in Belarus planned

Decisions on redistributing the authority will be made by individual regulatory acts instead of one comprehensive document. Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko made the statement after Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko hosted a government conference on 30 March to discuss the redistribution of powers between government bodies.

Roman Golovchenko said: “We will follow the evolutionary way”. In his words, the amendments, which were discussed during the government conference hosted by the head of state, will affect a large number of laws and regulations: laws, presidential decrees, government resolutions, and so on. This is why individual documents will be enacted.

Participants of the government conference also determined specific spheres where it is advisable to change the decision-making level. “Those are matters concerning personnel policy, architectural and urban planning activities, the management of state property,” the prime minister explained. In particular, there are plans to authorize municipal government agencies to approve and amend populated locality development plans.

“The state matures just like any living being. Respectively the need arises to periodically revise methods and forms of realization of state administration,” Roman Golovchenko explained while talking about the timeliness of making decisions on redistributing the powers.